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This article describes how to use Pressbooks.


To login to Pressbooks using your PSU credentials, first submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk by emailing with your request. Include a title for your book, and IT will provision your account. Shortly after, you will receive an email prompting you to login to your Pressbooks account through PSU's single sign-on system.

In August 2018, Plymouth State University launched its own Pressbooks site, This will allows users to create an account using the university's single sign-on system. Pressbooks is easy-to-use online software based on WordPress, for creating and publishing e-books and open educational resources. Pressbooks is easy to use, and does not require any coding or graphic design.

There are many print and e-book templates to choose from. With Pressbooks you can output in many e-book formats including EPUB, Mobi, and PDF.

Content implementation and design is simple through the Pressbooks dashboard. Like WordPress, all of the tools needed are available through the dashboard, and are divided by category. The main tools needed to begin developing your book are found in the Organize, Media, Appearance, and Export tabs.

The Organize tab is where you will insert the text and media for your book. From here, you can structure your book by adding headnotes, appendices, sections, and chapters.

The Media tab shows the collection of media available to use in your book. This tab allows you to upload media to your library, and will also reveal any images uploaded through the Organize tab's text editor. Image size, captions, and Alt Text can be edited through this tab to enhance the accessibility of your book.

The Appearance tab configures the look of your book. There is a vast library of appearances to choose from, many paying homage to classic novels. Choosing a new appearance automatically optimizes your book's content to fit the desired look.

The Export tab downloads a copy of your book in various file formats. Format types include MOBI and EPUB, which are optimized for Kindle and other eReaders. Your book can also be downloaded as a PDF for easy file sharing and printing. All content published in the book is automatically available in a digital format through the URL created for your book. Other options such as plugins, licensing, and publishing are also available through the Pressbooks dashboard. The above tabs, however, are adequate to begin creating and digitally distributing your pressbook. If you use "print PDF" please see more information on our Knowledgebase page about Prince XML.

Here are links to the User Guide hosted at, as well as an additional guide for educators:

Pressbooks User Guide:
Pressbooks YouTube channel, with basic tutorials:

There is also a Help Site with a searchable database of How-tos and a Quick Start Guide, as well as an FAQ.

Pressbooks Help Center knowledge base: 
Pressbooks Quick Start Guide:
Pressbooks FAQ:

For more information, consult the current ITS Newsletter for upcoming workshops and drop-in hours for Pressbooks.

Need Additional Help?

For additional training, please visit the Teaching & Learning Technologies Training site or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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