Avaya Voicemail System

Task: When you first log into setup your voice mail make sure you complete all the prompts otherwise you will need to start over on the next login.

Setup your Voicemail

  1. Call your voicemail by dialing either 52700 or (603)535-2700. Alternative numbers 88877 or (603)358-8877 can be used starting May 16th, 2022.  If calling from off campus -- you will prompted to enter your extension number
  2. Enter the temporary password provided by your administrator, followed by the # sign. If you would like to login to a different mailbox, press *
  3. Create a new password using 6 or more digits. Press # to continue

To Retrieve Messages That Others Have Left for You

  1. Once you are logged into your USNH Voicemail
  2. Press 1 to listen to your messages, then 1 again to retrieve unread messages.
  3. After listening to a message you can press 7 to delete; 9 to save; 6 to send a copy
    select nothing to keep the message marked read in your inbox.

To Change Your Password

  1. Once you are logged into your USNH Voicemail, press 4 (Personal Options) at the main menu.
  2. Press 9 for "Change your password"
  3. Enter your new password and press #.

To Re-record Your Voiced-In Name

  1. Once you are logged into your USNH Voicemail, press 4 (Personal Options) at the main menu.
  2. Press 1 for "Record Greetings"
  3. Press 6 for "Change Recorded Name"
  4. Record your name and press #

To Check Messages for a Mailbox Different from Your Own

  1. Dial (603)535-2700 or 52700 [88877 or (603)358-8877 starting 5/16/2022]
  2. Press *
  3. Enter your extension followed by your password.

Suggestions for Voice Mail Personal Greetings

Generic Greetings:

"Hello (Hi), you have reached (your name) with (your company and your department). I am either on my other line or away from my desk, so please leave your name, telephone number and a detailed message after the tone and I'll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.