Lamson Locker-Use Policy

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Lamson Locker-Use Policy

On the lower level of Lamson Library, to the right of the restrooms, there are sixteen lockers. If you would like to use one of these lockers, the Information Desk can check one out to you. We will check out lockers only to active students, faculty, and staff.

You will be responsible for providing your own lock during the checkout period.

Zip ties are on all unused lockers. We will remove the zip tie when you bring your lock with you. If we remove the zip tie before you can lock the locker, somebody else might use it; so we would rather not remove the zip tie until you have a lock and can place it on the locker.

We will consider items you leave in the lockers after the end of your checkout period to be abandoned and will remove and discard them. We will cut the locks off of any locker that is not checked out or that is past its checkout period.

Lamson assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of personal items. You use the lockers in Lamson Library at your own risk.

Unauthorized use of lockers is not permitted: to use a locker, you have to go to the Information Desk first, and we will check the locker out to you by adding it to your list of checked-out items. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (603) 535-2929.


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