Lamson 031: Technology Use Basics

Task: This article reviews the features in the Lamson Learning Commons Open Lab - 031.


Technology Use Basics in the Lamson Lower Open Lab - Room 031

There are three main areas of technology the Lamson Lower Open Lab:
  • Main Presentation Station (84" monitor in the center of the room)
  • TeamWork North (65" QOMO monitor)
  • Studio Station (audio/video recording mini studio)

What does each area do?

Main Presentation Station has the following features:
  • Connect your mobile device/laptop to the monitor via HDMI or VGA connection.
  • Play a Blu-Ray disc, DVD or audio CD (built into the equipment rack below the monitor)
  • Use the control panel to share content from your device or share content from others in the room across both large monitors and speakers.
TeamWork North has the following features:
  • Connect your mobile device/laptop to the monitor via HDMI or VGA connection
  • Connect your mobile device/laptop to the monitor via wireless connection (through PSU WIRELESS only)
  • Use the built-in PC and/or write on the screen with a stylus. You can even manipulate the Windows environment on the touch screen.
Studio Station has the following features:
  • Audio/Video record yourself or two people onto your USB flash drive
  • Show a presentation from the projector as you record yourself
  • Use the LED ring to create a chroma-key green or blue background for your recording (requires post-production editing for adding backgrounds)

Operation of Each Area

Main Presentation Station:
  • Connect your laptop/mobile device to the VGA or HDMI cable to the left of the main screen
  • Press the start button on the touch panel
  • Select the type of presentation you are going to make (video/audio or audio only)
  • When selecting audio only, a pop-up screen will appear allowing you to control volume
  • When selecting video/audio, a screen will appear asking to select a source to begin
  • Choose the type of source you wish to see from the menu at the top: Laptop HDMI, Laptop VGA, Blu-Ray...located in the cabinet
  • If you would like to share your source with the other large monitor in the room, press the "Start Sharing" button. Press "Stop Sharing" to stop.
  • If you would like to share a source from the TeamWork station, select the station (North), then select the appropriate color (as indicated by the colored band on
  • each cable). When selected, both monitors will show that source.
  • Press "Stop Sharing" when done
  • Don't forget to shut off the station when you are done
TeamWork North:
  • Connect your laptop/mobile device to a VGA or HDMI cable below the screen.
  • Press the play button on the cable. The monitor should power up automatically and display your source within 30 seconds.
  • Other users can connect with other cables, each time a user hits the play button, their source is displayed on the monitor.
  • If you want to connect wireless, press the play button labeled "Wireless" and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you want to use the built-in PC, press the play button labeled "Touch Screen". A wireless keyboard, mouse and stylus are available for checkout at the Info Desk.

Studio Station:

  • Place a USB flash drive into the slot labeled "Insert Flash Drive Here"
  • Press the record button to start recording your presentation
  • Record your video. You can watch yourself on the small display next to the camera.
  • When you are done recording, press the stop button.
  • Remove the USB flash drive after waiting for 15 seconds.
  • Option: If you need to present with a PowerPoint, web page, etc., log into the Mac on the top of the black box, then power on the projector using the control panel on the wall. Your
  • projected images will be a part of your recording. If they look warped on the wall, that is normal. They will look normal on your final recording. Do not adjust the projector.
  • Remember to turn off the projector when you are done and don't forget your USB flash drive.

Need additional help?

Contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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