Outlook: Creating a Contact List for Email Distribution

Task: To create a contact list for email distribution in Outlook. Your selected default setting appears on the top of the drop-down response menu in the email message window.

Training video related to creating an email distribution list.










Step 1 - Access your USNH email account.

Step 2 - Click the people icon People icon to access Outlook People menu. on the Outlook Navigation bar.

Step 3 - Select New contact list from the New contact drop down menu.

New contact menu.







Step 4 - Enter a Contact list name.

Step 5 - Enter a contact name in the Add email addresses field,and click Add

NOTE: The Add email addresses field uses predictive text to aid you in your search.

Step 6 - Enter a Description.

Step 7 - Click Create.

New contact list window.














Outcome: All of the contact lists that you create can be viewed/edited by clicking the people icon People icon to access Outlook People menu. and selecting Your contact lists.


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