Change the default Mail account on an Android device

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These instructions are provided to assist with changing the default "Mail" account on an Android device.

If there are more than one "Mail" or "Calendar" accounts on the Android device, it is possible to set your preferred "Mail" account.

1. Tap on the Android "Mail" icon

2. In the upper-right hand corner, tap on "MORE"

3. This opens a drop-drop down menu, tap on "Settings"

4. You can see here that the current default e-mail is ""

  • Tap on "MORE"

5. Tap on "Set default account" to select which e-mail you want to be the default.

6. Select the e-mail you want to be the default e-mail in this case, "PSU Email", and tap on "DONE"

7. Verify that the default e-mail, "PSU Email", is the one you choose.


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