Removing an existing PSU Email Account on Apple iOS

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These instructions are provided to assist with removing an existing PSU E-mail Account on an iOS device.

1. Tap on the Apple "Settings" icon.

2. Tap on "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" then locate the "PSU Email" account.

  • Note: The PSU Email account may be named one of several possible names -- When the ITS Help Desk and Desktop Support helps to setup these accounts they typically name the accounts "PSU Email" or "PSU Mail". In actually, the name could be whatever the user decides to name the account. Some other typical Mail account names that you may see are the users "", "", or possibly the users first and last name.

3. After you have located what you believe to be the correct "Mail" account, tap on the account name.

  • The PSU Mobile Mail account information should include the users email address that was used during the time of the initial setup. For example, in the image below we see ""
  • We only want to remove the PSU E-mail accounts that have been setup with "" or "" -- we do not want to remove any of the user's personal mail accounts such as Gmail, etc
  • Now that you've located the correct PSU E-mail account, Tap on "Delete Account"

4. Confirm the deletion of E-mail account by Tapping on "Delete"


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