Setting up Email and Calendar on Apple iOS

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These instructions are provided to help assist with configuring Apple iOS devices to receive "PSU Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online.


Before setting up Apple iOS Mobile devices with "PSU Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online, the following steps should be completed:


Follow the steps below to configure "PSU Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online with your Apple iOS Mobile device:

1. Tap on the "Settings" gear icon

2. Select "Mail"



3. Select "Accounts"


4. Select "Add Account"



5. Select the "Exchange" option with the blue letter "E"

This Exchange option will allow you to sync both your "PSU Email" and "PSU Calendar"

6. Enter the following information...

  • Enter your PSU Email address in the form of:
  • *username should equal your personal myPlymouth username
  • Enter your myPlymouth password
  • Name the email account: "PSU Email"

7. A window will pop up. Tap "Sign in".

8. A new Safari browser window will open up with a Plymouth State University login screen. Enter your myPlymouth login information and tap "Submit". You will then be brought back to the Settings application. If you do not get this browser window and you are asked for a server name, enter "".


9. Select the "Accept" option


10. Select the items that you wish to sync, then tap the "Save" link in the upper right corner

  • "Calendar" must be selected in order to sync your PSU Calendar.
  • If you do not wish to sync your PSU Calendar, deselect this item by toggling it to the off position.


11. Open the iOS Email and Calendar Apps and you should see the "PSU Email" and "Calendar" accounts start to sync.


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- Change the default "Calendar" account, click here: Change the default Calendar account on an iOS device

*Important Note: Shared Calendars are not currently available on the native Apple iOS Calendar App.

*Important Note: The new mail server address is:

*This article was created using an Apple iPad Air running IOS version 9.3.1

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