How to Install Minitab Full(18) for Windows

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Minitab Full(18) can be obtained via the "My Software" pane on the "Services" tab of Due to Minitab licensing restrictions you must be on the Plymouth network (or connected to the VPN) to install Minitab 18.

  1. Click on the Minitab Full (PC Only) link
  2. Select Save File to download Minitab Full(18)
  3. Open your Downloads folder and double-click "minitab-full.exe"
  4. Accept the Terms of Service to begin installation
  5. Select the appropriate license type as shown below
  6. Fill in the License Server, it is:
  7. Click next until the installation begins
  8. After installation you may be asked to provide your name and Plymouth State University email address the first time you open the software. Fill out the form and you can begin using Minitab 18!
  9. If you need to use Minitab 18 without Plymouth network connectivity you can do so by "borrowing" a license.
  10. After opening Minitab 18 click "Help" then "About Minitab"
  11. Click the blue text "Borrow License"
  12. Select a "Borrow Through" date and click "Borrow" to finish!


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