Setting up Email and Calendar on Android

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These instructions are provided to help assist with configuring Android devices to receive "PSU Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online.


Before setting up Android Mobile devices with "PSU Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online, the following steps should be completed:

Follow the steps below to configure "PSU Email and Calendar" using Exchange Online with your Android Mobile device:

1. Tap on the Android "Settings" gear icon

2. Tap on "Accounts"


3. Tap on "Add account"


4. Tap on "Microsoft Exchange Active.."


  • This Exchange option will allow you to sync both your "PSU Email" and "PSU Calendar"

5. Enter the following credentials:

Email Address:
Password: myPlymouth password

...then tap "SIGN IN"

6. After tapping on "SIGN IN" the new Exchange account will start to configure.

7. The following message may appear

"Remote security administration, Server must be able to remotely control some security features on your device. Continue?"

Tap "OK" to proceed.

8. After tapping "OK" you should now have the option to adjust some of the general Email sync settings:

  • Under the "Period to sync Email" -- select "2 weeks" from the dropdown menu.
  • *We typically do not recommend syncing "All" Emails as this could take a very long time or possibly cause the device to become un-responsive.
  • Scroll to the bottom portion of the page and place a checkmark next to each of the items that you wish to sync.
  • "Sync Calendar" must be selected in order to sync your PSU Calendar.
  • If you do not wish to sync your PSU Calendar, uncheck this item.
  • Once the above settings have been set, tap "SIGN IN" at the bottom of the screen

9. Tap "ACTIVATE" at the bottom of the screen

10. Name the account "PSU Email" then tap on "DONE"

11. Open the Android Email and Calendar Apps and you should see the "PSU Email" and "Calendar" accounts start to sync.


Other related resources:

- Change the default "Mail" account, click here: Change the default Mail account on an Android device

- Change the default "Calendar" account, click here: Change the default Calendar account on an Android device


*Important Note: Shared Calendars are not currently available on the native Android Calendar App.

*Important Note: The new mail server address is:

*This guide was created using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


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