Adobe Subscription FAQ and Installation guide

USNH Adobe Request, Purchase, and Installation FAQ

  • I ordered an Adobe Subscription. What can I expect?
    • Once your order is placed, the normal uShop approval process will be completed, and after a day or so, an email from Adobe will be sent to the subscribers USNH email address. For installation instructions, click here for Creative Cloud All Apps, and here for all other, individual applications (Acrobat, Illustrator, etc.)
  • How does payment work?
    • Funding is centralized, aligning with the Enterprise model of USNH IT
  • I cannot find the Adobe email!
    • Check your junk/spam filters or do a search in your mail application for Adobe. If you still cannot find the email, call the USNH Help Desk at 603 862 4242
  • When does my subscription expire?
    • The USNH subscription cycle ends each year on 1/18. Any purchase made after January is pro-rated for the rest of the year. Keep in mind that if you order a subscription in November, it is only good for two months and you must renew to retain access
  • How do I renew? What if I do not want a new subscription?
    • The renewal process will begin in December via email. You may choose to renew or not, based on your needs
  • I am leaving (the department or the University). What happens to my subscription?
    • Your subscription may be transferred to another user within your own department
  • I need to transfer a subscription to another user in my department. How do i do that?
    • Please call the USNH Service Desk at 603 862 4242 and tell them you need to transfer subscriptions. Please be sure to include the email address of the old subscriber and the new subscriber


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