Initial Computer Login Setup for Remote-only users (USNH employees that cannot come to campus) - Desktop Support Only

This script is to address difficulties in setting the original log-in password when a staff member is unable to access a campus network directly with a new-to-them (out of the box, repaired/reimaged, or loaner) device. This is a rare occurrence and is considered an exception to the standard process by USNH Cybersecurity.


Note: This procedure is only approved by USNH Cybersecurity in situations where USNH employees (A USNH employee is any staff, faculty, contractor, or sponsored user; noted as ‘end-user’ throughout this document) need to log into the computer using their USNH credentials, and are absolutely not able to make it to a USNH campus to do the initial login.


This script assumes the following:

  1. Initial device setup is completed by Desktop Technician following standard operating procedures and the tech is ready to contact the end-use
  2. The end-user has access to the internet


*This script is intended for Desktop Support Technicians only*



  1. Desktop Support Technician creates a ticket using the template ‘Initial Computer Login for Remote-only Users' to track this process. The following actions are required to document for auditing purposes:
    • When the end-user sets the initial, temporary password
    • When the computer is shut down for shipping (after the process is completed)
    • When the end-user sets the new 12-month password
  2. The Desktop Support Technician working the ticket contacts the end-user to change their password
    • By phone is preferred, but email is also acceptable
    • Internet access required (phone/another device)
      • If the end-user cannot access the internet, have them call 603 862 4242
      • Give the end-user your contact number and direct them to call you back once the password has been reset
  3. End-user provides the temporary password to the Desktop Support Technician working the case. Verification of the temporary password is required to ensure no typos or misunderstandings
    • This step is required to be documented in the ticket
    • End-user will need this temporary password to log into the computer when it arrives. They will need to remember it somehow
  4. Desktop Support Technician (connected to the USNH network) logs into the computer with the end-user username and temporary password
  5. Desktop Support Technician completes setup and shuts computer off
    • This step is required to be documented in the ticket
  6. End-user changes password again to a permanent (12 month) one. This will not be shared.
    • This step is required to be documented in the ticket
    • See step 2.b.i if the end-user cannot set a new password
  7. Verify that the end-user changed the temporary password to a 12-month password. After verification, the call can end.
  8. Desktop Support Technician escalates ticket to IAM Accounts Administration (Group) to confirm password change
  9. Accounts checks user record in CAMP, confirms 12-month password change, and takes screenshot confirming password change with timestamp to attach to the ticket, then closes ticket
  10. Computer is shipped to end-user following standard operating procedure and the end-user is notified that the device is on its way
  11. The following steps must be completed by the end-user, when the device arrives, to sync up their new password to the device. Give the user these directions for when the computer arrives or have them call the Service Desk. Email is the preferred method of communication if you need to send these steps out:
    • End-user receives computer and logs in with the temporary password
    • End-user logs into the VPN with current 12-month password
    • End-user locks computer
    • End-user unlocks computer using current password, thereby caching the latest password on the computer
    • End-user reboots the computer and logs in with the new password to ensure Office, etc. are working properly.


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