EAB: Navigate - Getting Started with Navigate for Faculty Office Hours

Task: This article provides faculty with steps on using Navigate to manage appointment schedule for student office hours.


1. Login to Navigate

Use your school username and password to login 

2. Set up office hour availability
Faculty must set their availability before students can schedule appointments.  Student appointments can only be scheduled during times defined by you.  The system prevents an appointment from being booked when faculty or students are scheduled to be in class.

Follow the steps in this article EAB (Navigate) - Advisor-Setting Availability 

  1. Select a care unit of 'Meet with my Faculty' 
  2. Location of 'My Faculty's Office'
  3. Services of 'Office Hours Virtual' and/or 'Office Hours - In Person'
  4. Courses - Enter the appropriate course selection(s) for which you are making time available.  Only students in the course(s) selected will be able to schedule that time.


Sample screen for entering availability


3.  Share scheduling information with your students

Communicate with your students that they can schedule time with you in EAB Navigate.   Students will choose the "schedule an appointment" icon in the upper right of the Home Screen or you can share your Personal Availability Link (PAL) which will allow students a one click option to schedule a time with you.  See more about PAL:  EAB: Navigate - Setting Availability




Users can expect knowledge of steps on using Navigate to manage appointment schedule for student office hours.

Need additional help?

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