Outlook: Using MyAnalytics


This article describes what MyAnalytics is and what it can do.


UNH has enabled MyAnalytics, a personalized tool designed to help you understand and improve your work patterns—gaining uninterrupted time to focus, being able to disconnect and recharge, and networking and collaborating effectively—with help from the MyAnalytics dashboard and weekly email digest. Receive AI-powered suggestions in Outlook from MyAnalytics to help you set aside focus time before your week fills up with meetings, stay on top of tasks and emails, and follow up with important people. Only you can view personal data and insights based on work patterns in emails, meetings, calls, and chats. MyAnalytics is designed to protect your privacy.


How MyAnalytics works

MyAnalytics presents insights in the following ways:

  1. Personal dashboard

  2. Insights Outlook add-in

  3. Weekly digest

  4. Daily Briefings

  5. Inline suggestions in Outlook

MyAnalytics provides insights with the following types of data.

  1. Mailbox data: Email, calendar, chat, and call activity that people generate by using Office 365, such as time spent in meetings or emails sent to a specific person or group.

  2. Windows 10 activity history data: Data on people's usage of apps and services on their device: whether they worked on a document and whether they browsed the web.

  3. Incremental data: Data that would otherwise be unavailable to the employee but is presented in an aggregated form designed to protect individual privacy.



  • MyAnalytics is not designed to enable employee evaluation, tracking, automated decision-making, profiling, or monitoring. MyAnalytics provides insights to individuals through a personalized dashboard, a weekly digest, an Insights Outlook add-in, and inline suggestions in Outlook. MyAnalytics has no mechanism or option that allows anyone but the user to access the personalized information that is displayed through these surfaces, unless that person purposefully and independently shares that information. Insights provided by MyAnalytics cannot be used for automated decision-making or for profiling.

  • MyAnalytics does not give employees access to new personally-identifiable information on other coworkers. MyAnalytics converts data into insights by performing calculations on information that people generate just by going about their work day. The majority of the data that employees see in MyAnalytics is simply an aggregation of information to which they already have access, but that they wouldn’t be able to quickly perform calculations on without some support.

  • MyAnalytics data is processed and stored in the employee’s Exchange Online mailbox. MyAnalytics processes data from these sources: Exchange Online email and calendar data, chat and call signals from Skype for Business and from Teams, and—if both the organization's IT administrator and an individual opt in—Windows 10 application activity history. MyAnalytics stores and processes this data inside each employee’s Exchange Online mailbox.

  • MyAnalytics supports General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Microsoft has designed MyAnalytics to support customers’ needs to comply with GDPR requirements.

  • MyAnalytics can be configured so that individuals must purposefully opt in. By default, any time a license with the MyAnalytics service is assigned to a person, that person is automatically opted in. However, administrators can configure MyAnalytics to be "default off," so that people can choose for themselves whether to opt in after being assigned a license.

  • MyAnalytics reminds people that their data is private and secure. A few days after a license with the MyAnalytics service is assigned to a person, that person receives a welcome email that clearly lays out how MyAnalytics works, with a reminder that all of their data is private. The other MyAnalytics user interfaces, such as the weekly digest and personal dashboard, reinforce this message.

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