SharePoint: Moving Documents from OneDrive to SharePoint/Teams


This article describes how to move documents from OneDrive to SharePoint or Microsoft Teams.


Sometimes documents that you start by yourself grow in importance and become relevant to a project. When that happens, it may make sense to copy or move files from OneDrive to SharePoint.

When you want to share files with a different team of people, or even give other teams ownership, you can move (or copy) files between OneDrive for work or school and a Microsoft SharePoint site. You can move (or copy) files and folders from OneDrive to SharePoint, from SharePoint to OneDrive, within a SharePoint site, or between sites. You can even move files from someone else's OneDrive to your own OneDrive.

Tip: You can also move your files via File Explorer.

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  1. Select the files or folders that you want to move, and then select Move to.

    Screenshot of the Move to command in OneDrive for Business


  2. Under Choose a destination, select the location you want to move to. Sites appear under the name of your organization, such as Contoso in this example.

    Screenshot of the Choosing a destination when moving a file from OneDrive to SharePoint

    You'll see different locations depending on where you are. For example, if you're on a SharePoint site, you'll see your current library, your OneDrive, and other sites. You might have to select Browse sites to see the site you want.

  3. Select the location where you want the items to go, then select Move here to start moving the items.

    Screenshot of moving a file from OneDrive for Business to a SharePoint site

Troubleshoot moving documents from OneDrive for work or school

There are a few issues to keep in mind when moving documents from OneDrive and a shared library:

  • The steps for copying or moving files can vary between versions of OneDrive and SharePoint.

  • Hyperlinks to the original document stop working, because you’ve deleted the document in OneDrive. You may want to share the document you moved to the team site to give people on the site an updated, working link.

  • If people followed the original document, links in their newsfeed to that document will stop working. To restore this association, people will need to follow the document in its new location.

  • You might want to replace the original document in OneDrive with one that simply gives a link to the new file, and announces the new location.

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