Kaltura - Differences between Professional and Teaching and Learning Technologies Captioning

Task: This article will outline the differences between the paid for professional services available for captioning and those captioning services that Teaching and Learning Technologies offers.


Professional Services:

  • Requested through Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

  • The professional caption costs money.  It is paid for by central funds so the individual academic department isn't paying

  • Costs is $60 per hour

  • There are also some established turn around times, etc as part of the professional service.

  • The professional services can also do multiple languages

  • Typically used when a student in class has registered with SAS

Teaching and Learning Technologies Services:

  • Machine captioning is done automatically but may need to be cleaned up and edited.
  • Request edits by Submitting at ticket here:  TLT Captioning Service
  • The TLT caption cost is Free. 
  • Turnaround times are approximately +/- 48 hours
  • TLT can not caption foreign languages
  • TLT reserves the right to review and/or deny any captioning requests, in particular, due to any technical issues (audio quality, etc) that may inhibit our ability to caption. 

Need additional help?

Please contact the Service Desk as 603-862-4242
Please fill out the Lecture Capture web form with as much information as possible or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.


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