EAB: Navigate - Students checking in On-line for an Appointment


Navigate allows students to check in on-line for appointments, this article will outline what happens for the Advisor, Faculty or other support team members when students check-in on-line.


When students check-in on-line for an appointment the advisor will be notified through the system that they have a student in queue.  From there the advisor can then take next steps such as starting the meeting, provide connection informaiton such as a phone # or Zoom link. 

1.  Once logged into the system, you will see any upcoming appointments on the Home Page/Upcoming Appointments tab.

2.  On the day of the appointment students will have the ability to check-in on-line, the student will see the following:

3.  When a student checks in on-line you will see a Red circle with a number representing the number of students currently checked in for your queue.  This could be both scheduled appointment check-ins as well as Drop-in students if you have your availability set for Drop-in appointments.

4.  To see the students or to start a meeting, click on the icon and the system will display the students and allows you to see how long they have been waiting as well as the ability to start the appointment.

5.  Connect with the student in the manner preferred and start the meeting to fill out the Report Summary.

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