Canvas: Export Quiz and Import into an Item Bank in New Quizzes


This article explains how to export an old quiz and import into an Item Bank in New Quizzes



Note:  In the new quiz tool, Question Banks are called Items Banks and the banks are tied to person and not the course. This means that the person who migrated content is the only person that has access to the item banks regardless if there are other people in the course with the teacher or TA role.  Scroll to the bottom to read how to share the Item Banks with another person in your course.

This option requires you to export each quiz individually because the import process only import into 1 item bank at a time and it will be named for that quiz.  You may want to reconsider the naming convention of the Item Banks since All item banks will be seen from any of your courses.

Note:  You can export your quizzes from either a prior course or the current course.  If you are exporting from the current course, there will be 2 copies of the quiz; the Classic Quiz and the New Quizzes.

These instructions are for exporting quizzes that have questions associated to them or are using questions from a bank.  If the quiz is using questions from a bank, it will only export the questions that are associated to the quiz.  That means if you have selected only 10 questions out of a bank of 20 questions, then only 10 questions will be exported.  To export all the questions in a bank, then you have to create a quiz and select ALL questions in the bank to be associated to the quiz.

Enable New Quizzes:

  1. Make sure new quizzes is enabled in the course settings under feature options. 
  2. When new quizzes is enabled and you click the +Quiz button, you can choose which quiz engine to choose. You can also set your preference. 

Export the old Quiz:

  1. In the course menu click Settings.
  2. On the course settings page click Export Course Content in the right sidebar menu.
  3. On the export screen select Quizzes and deselect the option next to all quizzes. Select the desired quiz and click Export. Once the export is finished, the export package will be linked at the top page. 
  4. Click the New Export link to download each quiz export file. Please review the important notes listed below.The default name of the export package will only include the name of the course. You may wish to edit the name when saving to include the quiz name.  
    1. If you export multiple quizzes, then all the export quiz files will have the same name so change the file name but not the extension may be helpful.

Import into Item Bank:

  1. Go to the Quiz index page and click +Quiz. Select the new quiz engine option OR click an existing new quiz tool quiz title to view. With this option is doesn't matter if you use a new or existing quiz since you will be importing directly in an item bank. If creating a new quiz, fill out the assignment settings and click Save. The new quiz screen will display. 
  2. On the quiz edit screen click the 3 dots options menu and select Manage Item Banks.
  3. On the Item bank screen create +Bank to create a new item bank.
  4. Click the title of the bank to view the bank. 
  5. On the bank screen click the options menu and select Import Content
  6. In the dialog box that appears click Browse and locate an export package for the quiz.
  7. Click Import. This will begin the import process. Please note the name of the item bank will change to name of the quiz you exported. Continue this process for each quiz you exported. 
  8. Once you have imported the item banks, you can create quizzes with randomized group sets from the item banks. Review the guides listed below. 

This option will require the most steps of all options listed on this page but will be worth it since all questions will reside in the items banks and be organized as you desire. Review the guides listed below for more detailed instructions on how to  export and import question data. Please note each quiz will need to be exported individually. 



Steps on sharing your Item Bank with other faculty or TA's in your course


  1. Select the New Quizzes to access the Item Bank.
  2. Select the Item Banks button.
  3. Next to the Item Bank you want to share, select the +Share link.
  4. In the Share With field, enter the name or UNH login ID of the person you are sharing with.
  5. Select the Add button.  The name will appear in the Currently shared with list.
  6. Select Done to close the window.



Need additional help?

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