Canvas: Getting started with New Quizzes


This article explains how to setup and use the New Quizzes in Canvas.



New Quizzes are now available in Canvas. You can create a new quiz or reuse a previous quiz.  Before you start using the New Quizzes, read through this KB article to familiarize yourself with New Quizzes.   There are a few options to choose and you should select the one that works best for you.


New Features:

  • Add Extra Time for an individual student for the whole course
  • Randomonize Questions
  • Item Banks (formerly known as Question Banks) are assigned to the individual and not the course. This allows you to access all the banks from multiple courses.
  • Option to not include in gradebook

New Question types:

  • Hot Spots
  • Stimulus
  • Ordering
  • Categorization
  • Fill in Multiple Blanks - Use Fill in the Blank questions
  • Multiple Dropdown - Use Fill in the Blank questions

What is not available in New Quizzes?

  • Grade Question One at a time
  • Question Groups
  • Surveys
  • Kaltura
  • Student Analysis CSV  (will be available Spring 2021)
  • Bookmark Banks

Select the article link for addtional details about New Quizzes Feature Comparison


Getting Started

Enable New Quizzes

  1. Go to the Course Settings.
  2. Select the Feature Options tab and enable New Quizzes.
  3. Select Save changes.
  4. Go to the Quizzes index page and select the +Quiz option.
  5. You are now presented with an option to choice betwee Quiz Classic or New Quizzes.


Create a New Quiz

  1. Go to Quiz index page and select +Quiz.
  2. Select New Quizzes.  Canvas article about how to create a New Quizzes
  3. Enter the quiz name and settings.
  4. Select Save.
  5. The quiz will open in the build quiz page.
  6. On the build page you can add questions  Canvas article with list of articles on how to create various questions
  7. Setup on additional quiz settings.  Canvas article about how to manage New Quizzes settings.


Reuse a classic Quiz

There are 3 ways to migrate an old quiz into a New Quizzes.  

1.) Migrate Quiz:  This option works for quizzes that have multiple choice, T/F and/or essay type questions.  It will not work when the quiz contains Question Groups and Question Banks. This option is found in the old Quiz option menu to the right side.  This option is currently not recommended by the USNH support team.

2.) Export from old quiz and Import directly into a New Quizzes: This option allows you to import the questions into a quiz but doesn't create an Item (Question) Bank.  Creating a bank from this option requires selecting each individual question to be added to a bank.

3.) Export from old quiz and Import directly into an Item Bank:  This option allows you to import the quiz questions directly into an Item (Question) Bank.  Any question in the quiz or bank will be imported into an Item Bank.



Need additional help?

Please fill out this Canvas webform with as much detail as possible, or contact the ET&S Help Desk team on your local campus.





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