Obtaining, Installing, and Licensing the BeyondTrust Remote Support Console

If you have not already done so, be sure to begin by requesting a license for BeyondTrust via the Accounts Management System.  BeyondTrust Licensing can be found under the ITSM category.  Once the request is approved proceed as below.

Getting Started – Beyond Trust Account Setup:

  1. Browse to https://usnh.beyondtrustcloud.com/login
  2. Important!  Select “Use SAML Authentication”
  3. Log in using USNH AD Credentials
  4. Send an E-Mail to ITSM.Operations@unh.edu to let the team know that you have logged in and your account is pending approval.
    1. A member of the ITSM Operations Team will assign you to the necessary Remote Support Group Policy.  Please log out from beyondTrust, and wait for an email notification that your account is ready for you to proceed.

Installing the BeyondTrust Representative Console:

  1. Once you have received an email confirmation that you have been placed in the Remote Support Group, return to https://usnh.beyondtrustcloud.com/login
  2. As before, choose “Use SAML Authentication” and log in with your USNH AD Credentials
  3. In the “Representative Console” section, downloads are available for various operating systems.  Choose the installer option that is best suited to your computer, then click “Download Representative Console”.  Note: The majority of Windows users should be running 64-bit Windows, and should choose one of the (x64) installers.  If you are unsure if your version of Windows is 64-bit, it’s safe to choose one of the (x86) installers, which can run under both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.
  4. The downloaded installer will be named “bomgar-rep-installer” with a file extension appropriate to your operating system.  Launch the installer and accept the default installation location.  Once the installation is complete, there are some configuration options available.  You may want to disable the option to “Run at Startup”.

Launching the BeyondTrust Representative Console:

  1. First, change the pulldown to “Authenticate Using: SAML Credentials”.  This will cause the Username and Password fields to disappear. Next, click “Login”.
  2. Fill in your USNH AD Username and Password in the USNH Single Sign-On browser window that opens and click “Submit”.
  3. In the “Representative Console” section, click “Launch Desktop Representative Console”.

This prompts you to download a file called “rep-script.brcs-unh”.

  • With Chrome, the script appears on the bottom left hand side of the screen. Right click and choose “Always open files of this type.” After that, Chrome handles the BeyondTrust script in the background.
  • For Firefox, choose “Open with Representative Console (default) and check “Do this automatically for files like this from now on. Then click OK. It will fail to authenticate but log out and log back in. It should now process the script in the background.


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