Box Collections

Box Collections 
Box Collections allow you create and name common groupings of content within the web interface of your Box account. These collections differ from normal folders because they are private and cannot be seen by other users even if the document or folder is shared.  
Creating a Collection 
In the Box web interface, select the + icon on the left sidebar next to MCollectionswhich will bring up a Create a Collection window. After naming the collection, select Create and you will see the new collection below My Collections on the side bar. 







Adding Items to a Collection 

From within the All Files window, select the items you would like to add. From here you can drag and drop the selected item into the collection on the side bar. 



You can also add items to a collection by first selecting an item, which will make a taskbar appear in top right-hand corner of the window. By selecting the collections icon, a drop-down menu will appear showing all your collections as well as your favorites. Here you can select which collection the item will be added to by clicking the check box next to it. 




Additionally, you can access the same collections drop down menu within the More Options menu of a selected item. From here you can also add your item to any of your collections. 


Rename or Delete A Collection 

Select the collection you would like to edit on the left sidebar. Click on the more options icon in the top right corner of the window, this will show a drop-down menu. This menu will give you both the options to rename and delete the collection. 


Make My Collections your Box Homepage 

Select My Collections in the left sidebar. In the top of the My Collections window select Make this my Box Homepage. This will make My Collections the default opening page for Box rather than the All Files window. 


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