Reduce Box Folder Sprawl

Box is a great file sharing and collaboration tool, but it's very easy to get buried in folders. Here are a few tips on reducing your Box bloat.

Delete folders and files you don't need

While this is not always an option, for folders that you own that other people do not need, you can simply delete them! For more information on managing files, see our Knowledge Base article on managing files and folders in Box.

Remove yourself from folders you don't need

The best way to reduce folder sprawl is simply get rid of folders you don't need. The problem that a lot of people run into is that they try to delete a folder owned by someone else. However, depending on your permissions, this may result in deleting it for everyone!

Instead, once you've identified a folder you no longer need, you should uncollaborate from it.

  1. From the web interface, navigate to and select a folder or file
  2. Click the "..." button to see more options
  3. Select "More Actions"
  4. Click "End Collaboration" and confirm by pressing "Okay"

End collaboration with the More Options button in Box

Plan ahead: set expiration dates

For folders and files you only need for a short amount of time, you can set expiration dates to delete it on a certain date, or unshare it.

  1. In the Box web interface, select the file or folder you'd like to set an expiration date on
  2. Click the "..." button to see more options
  3. Select "Settings"
  4. Scroll to Automated Actions
  5. Use the check boxes and calendar widget to set expiration dates to either automatically delete the file or unshare them

Setting an expiration date is especially helpful when working with external collaborators for short-term projects or troubleshooting, as this ensures an "as needed" approach to accessing university data.



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