ETS Admin Request FAQs

1. Who can submit a request?



2. Where can the Request form be found?



3. What about Computer Ordering?



4. What is the process for making a request to purchase something?

For all purchases, you should alert your Supervising Manager of the purchase you would like to make. The Supervising Manager should then seek the approval of the expense decision maker (Bill Hall for ETS) in an email. Once the "OK to proceed with the purchase" has been returned to the Supervisor, the Supervisor may give the "OK" to the employee to completing the Admin Request Form or the Supervisor may submit the Admin Request  Form on behalf of the user. A copy of the email chain between the Supervisor and the expense decision maker must be included with the Request before moving forward with purchasing. Whenever possible, the approval process should be complete prior to making a request and the copy of the email chain included in the Admin Request Form 'Attachment' section.


5. Can I enter a request for another user?

Yes, indicate the user the request is for, if not for yourself, on the front landing page of the form.


6.What if I don't know the funding source or it is supposed to be split between multiple funds?

If the fund and org is unknown please indicate the team and managing supervisor names into the fund field. If funding should be split across multiple budgets indicate both areas to draw the funds against.


7. What if this is an urgent request?

In the Urgency field, select Urgent and be sure to enter the completion date needed in the field.


8. What can I request using the Admin TD form?

Any and all administrative requests can be accommodated using the TD form including, Computer Orders, Conference, Training and Travel arrangements, Orders for general office supplies, computer supplies, chairs, standing desks and all other supplies or equipment, Decommissioning unused or unwanted equipment.


9. What if I need to submit a request with supporting documents?

The form can accept up to 5 attachments. To remove one without resetting the form, click on the individual file and select Cancel.


10. What if I need additional computing technology like mouse, keyboard or dock?

If you need items to be purchased with a new computer, navigate to the Extra Add-ons in the Computer Order drop down and select the equipment needed. If you require equipment outside of a computer order, navigate to Equipment, Supplies, Other and select the Computer Equipment drop down.


11. What information do I need to register for a Conference or Training?

To register for a Conference or Training be prepared to provide the Registration URL link, a discount code if applicable, the registration deadline date (early bird end date and/or last day to register) and the cost of the registration.


12. What if I need to book a hotel stay?

Navigate to the Travel section of the Conference, Training and Travel form and select "Hotel" . If you have a hotel preference please indicate that in the additional text field that is generated upon the "Hotel" selection. Screen-shots or other supporting documentation can be attached to the form request using the "Add Attachment" feature of the form.


13. What if I need to book a flight?

Navigate to the Travel section of the Conference, Training and Travel form and select "Air Transportation". Please include airline, seat choice, flight numbers, leave/return time frames, screen capture of preferred flights if you have this information already.  Be prepared to provide upon request your legal name as it appears on the ID you are traveling with (Drivers License, Passport or Birth Certificate) and birth date.


14.How do I get reimbursed for expenses incurred during work-related travel?

Travel Reimbursements are a separate document and submitted after any travel is performed for reimbursement to the employee or the institution. The information captured in the TD ticket for Travel, Training and Conferences will be helpful when you are completing the Travel Reimbursement document upon your return. This information is also used to project and budget costs related to travel and training for the current or future fiscal years. As part of the Travel Request form provide estimates for mileage traveling to/from airport, M&IE per diem  (links for the government  daily rate look up and also the USNH and UNH travel Policy are provided for your convenience within the form). Note meals included/provided by the hotel such as a continental breakfast and any meals provided by venue/host.


15. I need a Chair, Standing Desk and other desk and computer supplies… where do I go?

Select from the Request Type drop down menu: "Equipment, Supplies, Other " and click the corresponding check box(es) for the item/s wanted. If you have a URL link for the item, a make, model or serial number for any items please include that in Additional Details.


16. How do I get rid of stuff I no longer need or want?

Select from the Request Type drop down menu: "Decommission Equipment" and then from the Decommission Type drop down select the type description that best fits the items you have.






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