Known Issue: Access to Microsoft resources while on the UNH VPN

We have had reports that some users are having difficulties reaching cloud-based Microsoft resources while connected to the UNH VPN.  This generally manifests as prompts for authentication or authentication windows that fail to populate in Outlook or outright failure in other applications.

There appears to be a bug in the PulseSecure client that manifests when users use the UNH “All Traffic” VPN options.  The problem appears to be with the client itself, and is a known issue with the vendor.


                Any of the following generally alleviate the issue.

  1. Not using the “All Traffic” VPN connection prevents this behavior in most instances
  2. Connecting to the Microsoft Resources prior to connecting to the VPN alleviates the issues, since the problem appears to only be with the initiate authentication component
  3. Installing the latest version of PulseSecure client found at appears to correct the issue for most users

If problems continue, please refer to this article for further information:


Article ID: 2322
Fri 6/12/20 12:27 PM
Tue 10/20/20 11:21 AM