WebI Opened and Pinned Reports Do Not Load

Since the April 19, 2020 upgrade to WebI, when I'm working in BI Launchpad from Firefox, Chrome or IE, my reports do not load.  I cannot run any reports. My reports show "Loading" in the tab (see Figure 1), and pinned reports are empty (see Figure 2).

Figure 1:

Tab with Loading... on it

Figure 2:

Pinned Report is Empty

The Quick Start Steps (must be in VPN for link to work) for WebI are important first steps for every customer to follow to ensure the best possible experience with WebI. One of the steps is to open Preferences, click on WebIntelligence, and uncheck the box for "Use the new Interactive View for document linking outside of the BI Launchpad (no download required)" (see Figure 3). Click "Save and Close". Then logout of WebI and log back in. Your reports will now work.

Figure 3:


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