Kaltura: Requesting Access to Another Users Streaming Media Files

Task: This article will explain the process for requesting access to streaming media files from another user.


Users who request access to another instructor’s streaming media files need to have approval from the instructor of that course. A request to reassign streaming media files along with written approval (email) from the owner of the media should be sent through a support case. If the instructor is no longer employed by the university, the user must make a request through the Account Management System to gain access to the content. 

Request Access to Course Content:

  1. Log in with your account.
  2. Click on Request Access to Password/Confidential Information in the left-hand menu.

  3. Fill in Requester Information.
  4. Select Grant Access to streaming media data from the Request Type field.
  5. Complete the remainder of the form and provide any additional information, as necessary.

Note: this type of request requires Provost approval. The typical turnaround time is 48 hours for approval. You will receive notification after the Provost has reviewed and issued a decision.


Users can expect to learn the process for requesting access to streaming media files from another user.

Need additional help?

Please use this link to the ET&S Help Desk team to locate your local campus contact information.  Use the “Submit a Question” for your campus to enter an online support request.  


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