Invalid Group error when logging into Box

Invalid Group error - What does it mean?

Invalid Group error on when logging into Box @ UNHWhen attempting to log into your Box @ UNH account, you may see an error indicating 'Invalid Group' at the UNH MyLogin site.

This error message appears for people whose accounts are categorized as belonging to a 'Prior Student.'

How to address as a previous student

If you are a prior student, please check your email to see if your Box account has been decoupled from the UNH Box tenant. This should occur automatically for most prior students within a short amount of time after inheriting the prior student role with UNH IT.

If you're able to locate the messages, which come directly from Box, please follow the instructions in them, which include setting a password separate from your UNH credentials for logging into Box. See more details here:

If you cannot find any emails about your account being decoupled from UNH, please put in a ticket for the Box @ UNH administration team here:

How to address as an employee or returning student

If you are a current faculty or staff member seeing this message, your account needs to be adjusted. Please put in a ticket for the Box @ UNH administration team here:




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