EAB: Navigate - Importing Students to a Student List

Task: Navigate users may need to create a list of students for a Student List from an external source.  The application allows users to import a list of student IDs from a .csv file directly to an existing or new Student List. 


A .csv file will need to be generated prior to this process.  The .csv simply needs to have a column of student IDs in order to be successful.

  1. Navigate to Lists and Searches designated by 

Lists and Services on the left side bar in Navigate

  1. Using the Actions menu under Student Lists, select Upload Student List
  2. Either select a current list from the drop-down menu or select "new Student List"
  3. If you select "new student list" the system will prompt you to create a watch list by entering a name, click Confirm
  4. Using the Browse icon, navigate out to your .csv file
  5. Once selected choose, "Click to upload the file"
  6. Select the column that contains the Student ID within your .csv, click "Save"
  7. The system will provide you with status screen.  NOTE:  mWS will provide you with a success message even if no students were uploaded from the .csv.  It is highly recommended to check your student list after upload.

For more information on Student lists and importing see: EAB: Navigate - Student Lists


Users will be able to import a list of student IDs from a .csv file to Navigate.

Further reading:

EAB: Navigate - Student Lists

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