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VeriCite is being replaced with Turnitin's Simcheck plagiarism tool as of January 6, 2020. 

What happens to assignments with Vericite currently enabled?   Courses using VeriCite in an assignment will no longer see the Vericite tool in the assignment.  Current courses using Vericite will need to switch to Turnitin's Simcheck on or after January 6, 2020. (Instructions below)

What happens to assignments copied from a previous course?  If a course with assignments using VeriCite is copied from a previous semester, Vericite will not be appear in the assignment.  Assignments have access to Turnitin's Simcheck which you can setup in the assignment.  (Instructions below)

What happens to similarity reports for previous semester courses?   Previous courses that used VeriCite will no longer have access to the detailed similarity report.  The VeriCite similarity report results icon will still display but will not retrieve the report.  An error message appears indicating the report can not be retrieved.   See image below.

Note: Faculty or student who want to review a similarity report from a previous course should submit a support form requesting a copy of the report using the Canvas webform.



Edit the Assignment to enable Turnitin's Simcheck:

  1. Click on the Assignment and then select Edit.
  2.  Make sure the Submission Type, select Online.
  3. Select Text Entry  and/or File Uploads
  4. The Plagiarism Review field appears.  Click the field to select and enable Turnitin.
  5. Turnitin Options:   
    1. Bibliography and/or Quotes:  Check the fields to exclude these options from the report. You can enable it here and select to unable it in the report results.
    2. Index all submissions:   By default all student submissions are stored in the Turnitin database. Unchecking this option means future submissions will not match for student submissions.
  6. Show Report to students: Select the drop down to set an option for showing the report to students; immediately, after the submission is graded, after the due date, or never.  
  7. Complete the remaining assignment options and click Save & Publish or Save.

Note:  Supported file types include: MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PostScript, PDF, HTML, RTF, OpenOffice (ODT), WordPerfect and plain text.


For additional information about how to use Turnitin's Simcheck see the following articles:

Canvas - Faculty Guide - Using Turnitin's SimCheck assignment originality tool

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Need additional help?

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