EAB: Navigate - Reporting on Check-ins from Kiosk


This article will cover reporting on attendance that was captured using the Kiosk mode within Navigate. 


Once users have used the Kiosk mode of Navigate to capture attendance for an event, they can then report on those that attended using a standard report within the system

  1. Navigate to Reports using the Global Navigation on the left of the screen
  2. In the left column the user can select "Check-ins"

  1. The user can then use filters in the report to narrow down their report. Its recommended to the users to use the date range, Care Unit, Location and Service filters to help narrow down results.  NOTE:  If the user run the report without entering filters they will receive ALL students that checked in for that date range using the Kiosk regardless of the location or service.  So if there were multiple departments using Kiosk during the date range selected they will get all students. 
  2. Users can also use other filters to continue to narrow the list of students that checked in for the event.
  3. Once the report generates, users can use the action menu to export those results to Excel for further manipulation.


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