Extend UNH - How to Login to an ExtendUNH course

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This document describes how non-UNH users, UNH students and UNH instructors login to the ExtendUNH course site.  Non-UNH users will use the email provided to the person managing the course, while UNH users will use their UNH credentials.


Where to Login 

If this is the first time you are accessing the Extend UNH site, locate the email invitation and from the email select the Get Started button.  First time users must login from their email in order for Canvas to recognize your account.

After you have setup your initial login and password from the email you can access the Extend UNH course site at the following URL https://extendunh.instructure.com


Getting Started from the email invitation

If this is your first time accessing the extendUNH site, you will have received an email inviting you to the course where there is also a link to the course.  Selecting the Get Started option in the email takes you to the course site to enter your email and enter a password and also serves as your course registration.

Get Started email

  1. Open the email to access the Get Started link.
  2. Select Get Started which opens to the extendUNH.instructure.com site.
  3. See the Login steps below for details.   Non-UNH users and UNH users have different login steps.


Login steps

Login in for either user status

Although everyone will login in from the same location, the login steps are different to UNH users and non-UNH users.  See the graphic above for clarification.

UNH user login steps

  1. UNH users select the Login with University of New Hampshire link. 
  2. This directs you to the Secure UNH login where you enter your UNH id and password.
  3. The Extend UNH course site will open.

Non-UNH login steps

For non-UNH users ff this is the first time you are logging in, then enter a password which will become your permanent password. The first time you enter your password, you will not be prompted to confirm your password.

  1. Non-UNH users will enter the same email address that they provided to the course instructor.
  2. Enter the password that you will be using each time you access the course.
  3. Select Log in.  
  4. The Extend UNH course site will open.


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