Drupal: Creating a Basic Web Page


This how-to article provides the step necessary to create a basic web page in Drupal.

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Before beginning, please note: the process of creating a basic page is same in all versions of Drupal hosted here at UNH. However, accessing the Basic Page content type (or template) will vary depending on which Drupal build you are using, as well as the permission level you have been assigned.

How-to, step-by-step

  1. After navigating to, and logging into, your website, access your admin menu and find the "Basic page" content type (often found under the "Add Content" menu). Click on the "Basic page" menu item to begin the page creation process.
  2. The Basic page content type contains only two editable content fields - the "Title" field, which is required, and the "Body" field, which is encompassed by a WYSIWYG editor.
  3. Click in the Title field and give your new page a Title

    Please note: the new web page URL (or web page address) is derived from the Title field. Changing the web page title will, by default, change the URL, so it is best practice to settle on a page title prior to linking a new page into your website menu and to NOT change the title after the web page has been so linked.
  4. Next, click in the body content editor and add your page content.
  5. After entering a title and the body content, scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and click on the "Save" button.

Your new web page is saved to your site and available for viewing. Because your new page is "published" by default, you can share the page URL with others to assist in a review process. When your new page is ready, it can be linked into your website navigation. Adding a web page to the site navigation menu is covered in a related video (above).


Want to learn more?

Additional help on this and other related topics is available during a regularly scheduled Drupal/myPages/Website Tools - Walk-in/Zoom-in Session. More information, including a complete schedule, is available at https://at-training.unh.edu/apps/ssr?action=course&id=288.


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