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This article will provide information regarding what Alert Reasons Required for students with below average performance.  Faculty will be presented in the Progress Report survey, as well as when to use them and the desired outcomes.


To Identify students with Alerts please see knowledge base:  EAB (Navigate) - Identifying Students with Alerts

The following bullet points are reasons a student may be marked as "Below Average" for a course:


  •  Student is currently failing the class
  •  Evaluative work is marginal, earning a grade of C-, D, or D-
  •  Performance below expectation due to sporadic attendance
  •  Performance below expectation due to incomplete or missing work
  •  Student experiencing technological issues


  •  Attendance or Punctuality concerns
  •  Below Average Quality of Work
  •  Missing and/or Late Assignments
  •  Not Prepared or Engaged during class


  •  Academic Cares
  •  Attendance or Punctuality concerns
  •  Non-Academic Concerns - please provide comments
  •  Performance below average due to incomplete or missing work
  •  Student is currently failing class
  •  Student is not prepared/engaged during class
  •  Student needs Academic Support

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