Box File Request

File Request creates an upload widget that allows collaborators to directly upload content to your project folder without needing to log into Box. This can be shared two ways:

  • Get the widget's link to share with people
  • Embed the widget in your website, blog, or social networking service


Creating a file request link

  1. In your Box account right click on the folder you want to share and select File Request
  2. Under Customize Options, check the options you want to enable
  3. Click Preview to confirm
  4. Copy the File Request Link and share as needed



Customization options

  • Specify title enables you to add a displayed title to the widget.
  • Add instructions enables you to provide and display instructions on the widget for collaborators.
  • Allow users to add description displays a field on the widget where collaborators can add comments.
  • Require users to provide email displays a field on the widget where collaborators are required to provide their email addresses.


Embedding the widget

After customizing the widget, you can embed it in a site that supports embedded HTML iframe code.

To embed the upload widget in your site:

  1. In the File Request window, under Upload Embed Widget, click Copy.
  2. Paste this HTML code into your site's code.


The file request link and embedded upload widget do not allow people to send folders

Known limitations

  • You cannot modify the Upload Embed Widget code generated by the Web app.
  • Box does not support drag-and-drop in Internet Explorer.
  • Email notifications no longer display the uploader's name in the body of the email.  To see who uploaded content, navigate to the folder for which the Upload Embed Widget was created.
  • Upload widgets are not optimized for mobile devices.
  • You cannot upload a folder, only file uploads are supported
  • The maximum length of the description field is 255 characters
  • Then maximum length of page instructions is 255 characters


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