EAB: Navigate - Calendar sync with Outlook

Task: This article will walk users through the process of syncing their Outlook calendar with Navigate to ensure availability is accurate


Syncing your Outlook Calendar with Navigate allows the users to ensure their availability is accurate within Navigate.  For users that schedule meetings and other commitments in Outlook this will allow those meeting to sync over to Navigate as “Busy” and prevents students to schedule appointments during these times.  This prevents accidental double bookings. 

Example:  If the Advisor has Availability set up in Navigate from 8-5 on a Monday, however they book a meeting from 10-11am in Outlook,  that 1 hour time slot within Navigate would automatically show as taken and no one would be able to book an appointment for this timeframe.  The process work in the same manner from Navigate to Outlook, where an appointment in Navigate would allow the user to see “Busy” on their Outlook calendar to prevent double bookings.


To sync your calendars:

  1. Click on the Calendar Icon in the Global Icons on the left
  2. On the right side of the page, click “Settings and Sync

       3. Click on “Setup Sync

       4. Click “Microsoft Outlook”

      5. Click “Microsoft Office 365”

       6.  The system will redirect the user to log into Microsoft 365 website

       7.  Using your UNH email and domain password, log into the Microsoft site

       8.  The user will be redirected to the Navigate Calendar Setting Page:

       9.  If the user receives an error please contact the Service Desk, they will create a ticket for the system admins who will look into your issue.


Users should be able to sync their Outlook Calendar and EAB Navigate.

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