How Does the Technology Selection and Purchase Process Work?


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Before making a software or technology purchase, and before engaging a vendor, check with Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) - we may already own what you need!

1. To begin think about your business needs.

  • Capture the business need: what problem are you solving, or opportunity are you are hoping to realize? Is it in support of one or more of our Strategic Priorities
  • Review with your management team.
  • Does the business need require a technology solution? If Yes, great!

2. Let's see if we can solve your business need with an existing service or tool.

  • Contact us using the Technology Selection and Purchase Request form. Feel free to answer I Don't Know to any questions you aren't sure about yet - get your request in and we will help you.
  • Collaboratively and in a timely manner, ET&S will work with you to match your need with an existing service provider or tool.
  • Match = Go sign You will be placed in contact with the service team who can best assist you.

3. No match? Let's find a solution.

  • ET&S will take your existing Business Needs and gather additional details to work with our partners and determine a path forward.
    • If it’s determined that developing an in-house solution is appropriate, a project will be created to gather additional requirements, cost out the effort, and gain approval to commence the development effort.
    • If it’s determined that the best course of action is to pursue a commercially-available solution, ET&S will partner with you and USNH Procurement to begin the selection process.

In all cases we will help you navigate the process and will keep you informed along the way.



If you need further assistance, see Technology Selection and Purchase: Need Help?


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