I Want to Buy Technology - Do I Need to Use the Technology Selection and Purchase Process?

Before you make a software or technology purchase, and before you engage a technology vendor, be aware not all technology is created equal.

  • Have you spoken to a vendor or seen a demo promising great results, quickly, without needing Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) help? Even well-intentioned vendors do not know of the available existing solutions, or understand the technology and security requirements across the USNH enterprise. Regardless of what you’ve heard, our experience tells us that most solutions require - and benefit from - ET&S involvement.

Let’s answer a few questions!

  1. Will your institutional data be used, stored, processed or managed in this technology?
  2. Will this technology connect to or pass information over our Network?
  3. Will access to the product/software/service be restricted to certain groups or individuals?
  4. Will this technology be used to process payments (i.e. credit card or electronic check transactions)?
  5. Will this product/software/service impact life/safety (i.e. security cameras)?
  6. Do we already own technology which may meet your business needs?

If you answered 'Yes' or 'I don't know' to any of these questions - or if you just need some guidance - please complete the Technology Selection and Purchasing form. A member of ET&S will reach out to help you navigate the process.



If you need further assistance, see Technology Selection and Purchase: Need Help?


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