Why Do We Need a Technology Selection and Purchase Process?

The growth and use of Cloud Services (SaaS), and applications managed and operated outside of Enterprise Technology & Services (ET&S) has been steadily increasing.

Currently, when business units and colleges are looking for technology solutions, they have limited visibility into the technology and services already owned by our institutions. This has resulted in the collective purchase of duplicate technologies, increasing the support burden for all these products, and limiting the ability to leverage volume discounts. In some cases, technology also has hidden risks and costs that may negatively impact your experience and has delayed or restrained technology implementations across many departments. A team approach to technology purchases can improve outcomes, reduce time, save money and mitigate risk.

The ET&S Project Management and Process Improvement Office, in partnership with Departmental IT, Procurement, and your finance department, can help you navigate the technology selection process. Before engaging a vendor or making a software or technology purchase, review your business need with your management team. If a technology solution is required, ET&S will work with you to match business needs with existing technologies and/or services. In the event there isn’t a match, ET&S will assist with the vendor selection process. For support with technology selection and purchasing, please visit (link to service catalog) to submit a request.

You never know, we may already own what you need.




If you need further assistance, see Technology Selection and Purchase: Need Help?


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