Glossary of Technology Selection and Purchase Terms




Build or Buy

Assess whether to develop something in-house or purchase it from an external supplier. Analysis includes cost-benefit, opportunity costs, return on investment, capability and resource availability.

Business Relationship Management (BRM)

BRM originates at service strategy, through service design, service transition and service operation. BRM services include: strategic technology planning, acquisition, support, and demand management.

Enterprise Technology & Services/Central IT

Enterprise Technology & Services groups include Teaching and Learning Technology (TLT), Research Computing (RC), Center for DATA, Cybersecurity and Networks, and IT Operations and Business Systems.

Data Steward

The individual or group responsible for managing access to data owned or curated by USNH institutions.

Departmental IT

Individuals within departments who focus on technology management.


The process of delivering a technology solution. This typically includes integration with other systems, testing, accounts management, business process review, support and service strategy.

Information Technology Knowledge Base (ITKB)

The IT Knowledge Base, is a database providing information on accessing, using and managing technology services.


Accessing or delivering data to or from another technology platform.

Service Catalog

The Technology Service Catalog provides an overview of all technology services available across the enterprise, and information to gain access or support to those services.

Service Provider

A department or individual who provides a service or access to a technology solution.

Service Request

A request for service, typically submitted via an online form.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) aka Cloud applications is a software distribution model in which a provider hosts the software and makes it available to customers over the Internet. Most online subscription services are hosted on the Cloud and delivered via the internet.


The individual responsible for approving the business need and the funding for the project.

Use of Data and Technology Governance Committee

The Use of Data and Technology Governance Committee is responsible for providing strategic oversight of information technology and data across the University. This committee will help ensure that technology and data use across USNH is cost effective, transparent, and facilitates the execution of the our mission and stated goals.




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