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Only approved content can be shared.  There are times where a message is created in one business unit but is relevant to other business units as well.  Opposed to business unit 'A' sending the communication to all parties on campus, sometimes it's more meaningful if the communication comes directly from a specific school or college.   When sharing content the users of the other business units we shared the content with do not receive a notification letting them know there is shared content.  You will need to alert the other users outside of the application.

Sharing Email Content:

  1. Once content has been approved, open the email
  2. On the right side of the screen the user should see a "Share" Icon, Click on it.
  3. A "Share Content" dialog will open, click on the arrow next to UNH Administration ,
  4. This will unfold a list of business units to which the user can select by clicking the box to the left of the name. 
  5. As the box is selected the name of the selected Business Unit(s) will appear on the right under "Selected Business Units"
  6. Once all needed business units have been selected, click Next in the lower left
  7. To ensure users in the shared business units do not edit the content, use the default selection "View and Send".  This will limit the new business units to only being able to see and send the content.
  8. Click Share
  9. Once shared, users in the Shared Business Units will be able to access the content within Email Studio, Content Screen using the Shared Tab on the left.
  10. Users will now have the ability to send this email to shared data extensions they have access to

Unshare Email Content:

In the event the user shared content with another business unit they were not supposed to, or they want to retract the share permissions the user can 'unshare' the content

  1. Open the email Content
  2. At the top of the screen Click Change next to the Shared to Business Units
  3. This will open up a 'Share Content' Dialog
  4. (a)De-select the business units needed , or (b) by clicking the "x" next to the business units on the right , or (c) click "My Business Unit"  and the email content will only be shared with the business unit to which the user belongs.
  5. Click Save in the Lower right.

 Need additional help?

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