Student Technology Checklist


UNH Information Technology and Teaching and Learning Technologies departments support your use of technology at USNH in both your academic and social lives. This article provides a checklist for items to do and know plus things we suggest you should take advantage of at USNH! These are Information Technology related tools, they are arranged in a chronological order, from "things to do & know" prior to attendance at USNH and thereafter.


For new students, a Technology Checklist was mailed in May. In case you missed it, all the items are on this checklist.

Checklist to prepare for your first semester -- complete before arriving on campus

Get your USNH ID number and username

You will use this information every time you log into USNH accounts or resources. Check your acceptance letter for this nine digit number. You may want to snap a picture and keep it on your phone as this number is important! Follow the instructions to create your IT account.

Activate your Wildcats Email

It’s important to check your email for USNH updates over the summer. Instructions are also available to configure email on your mobile device and to forward email to another address.

Find out what type of devices are recommended

Make an informed decision about what Mac, PC, or tablet to bring to campus as your computing device. See recommendations by college and find out more.

Protect your investment - Use your free antivirus protection

There’s no need to purchase an antivirus subscription as a USNH student. Download and install free antivirus software by clicking the link above. Stay virus-free and secure.

Get Microsoft Office for Free

Need a Microsoft Office Suite? USNH Students can install Microsoft Office on their own computers at no cost. Visit the link above to access a license key.

Get Windows 10 for free

Need a Windows Operating System? USNH Students can install Windows 10 on their own computers at no cost. Visit the link above to access a license key.

Download the UNH Mobile App

Access everything UNH! News and events, find your way around campus, check bus locations, dining hours, menus, and more - all at your fingertips. Find the app on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Please Note: UNH IT knows that phishing attempts occur. Valid UNH IT communications never ask for personal or identifying information. If you are concerned about the validity of this communication, please check The Phishbowl ( or contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 603-862-4242 for verification.


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