EAB: Navigate - Requesting an account


This article describes the process for requesting an account for Navigate.


Faculty and staff who have advising responsibilities for undergraduate students will get an account automatically. All undergraduate students will also get an account automatically. Otherwise, please request an account.

  1. Go to https://accountsmanagement.unh.edu/ams/cgi-bin/ams/ams_app
  2. Click on Accounts Management System
  3. Log in with your UNH username and password
  4. Click Add
  5. If requesting for yourself click Request Access for Yourself or Request access for an employee for others
  6. Confirm/add details and click Next
  7. Check Student Information and Navigate located at the bottom of the list
  8. Click Next
  9. Choose College/Organization
  10. Choose role
    1. NOTE: If you do not know which role you need to add please fill out this webform with the reason you need access so the correct role can be provided.
  11. Click Next
  12. Check I certify that I have read and comply with the USNH Acceptable Use Policy
  13. Click Submit Account Requests

You will receive and email confirmation that the request has been completed and another notification when your account has been created.


Need additional help?

Please fill out the EAB (Navigate) web form with as much information as possible.

For additional Training please visit the AT Docs & Training site



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