Teaching Evaluation Software - Blue-Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) - Update multiple courses at once (Batching)


This article is intended for TEV coordinators for updating multiple courses at once during the Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) process.


Update multiple courses at once

During the DIG process there will be a need to update information to more than one course at a time. Batch updating can be done for setting courses to evaluate yes/no and reviewing courses.

  1. Filter course list. For help with this see Filter Course List

  2. Select the courses you would like to batch update by selecting them individually or check select all box NOTE: When using the select all option you will need to be sure that all the courses listed are yours.

  3. Click Edit Courses

  4. Choose Field

  5. Choose Value

  6. Click Add Field

  7. Click Apply

  8. Confirm change


Need additional help?

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