myElements - Faculty Activity Report (FAR) - Adding Supporting Information


This article describes how to add supporting information to activities added to the Faculty Activity Report (FAR).


There are 2 types of supporting information. Information can be added at the broader category level such as courses taught and also at the item level. ex. supporting information for each course taught. The information that is being collected is determined by both the university and the colleges.

Adding supporting information

NOTE: Although the supporting information that is being collected may appear differently than the images displayed below the process is the same.

  1. Log in at

  2. Click of Menu tab

  3. Click on your Faculty Activity Report

  4. For adding category supporting information click on the category that needs supporting information

  1. Click on Add Supporting Information at the top of report (may be different text) NOTE - if you do not see this at the top of your report it means its not an option for you. Continue on to item supporting information.

  2. Enter details

  3. Click Save and Exit

  4. For adding item supporting information click on the category and then click the down arrow next to view list for the item that needs information added

  5. Click Add supporting information (may be different text)

  6. Enter details

  7. Click Save and Exit


Need additional Help?

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For additional training see Academic Technology training calendar


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