Student Box Accounts After Graduation

UNH has worked with Box to allow UNH alumni to keep their Box accounts after graduation. Several weeks after graduation, student accounts are converted to personal Box accounts. 

What former students need to know: 

  • The new data limit on the personal Box account will be set to 50GB  
  • Alumni will not lose owned data, even if it is more than 50GB
  • If the account has 50GB or more in data, Box will not allow the upload of any additional data without an account upgrade through Box 
  • UNH will be unable to assist with Box-related questions after the conversion; visit for support 
  • Alumni will lose access to content they do not own (for example, files shared by professors and other students) 
  • Alumni will no longer be considered a part of the "company" for the purposes of Shared Links
  • If you do not (or did not) have a Box account upon graduation, UNH cannot provision one; however, you can make a free Box account for collaboration on

What former students need to do: 

  • Alumni will receive an email from Box notifying them about the account change, and an additional email starting the password reset process for their account. If you do not see these emails, check your spam folder; Box also provides instructions on how to reset your password here:
  • UNH recommends that alumni change their primary email after receiveing confirmation that their Box account is now a personal Box account 
  • If any data is needed from prior collaborations, it is the alum’s responsibility to contact owners for access after the account has been converted 

What to do if the student takes classes again in the future: 

If any alumni re-enroll in University of New Hampshire classes again after their Box account has been deprovisioned and would like to convert the account back, they must contact the UNH IT Service Desk at (603) 862-4242. After UNH IT formally submits the request to Box, the student will receive an email from Box asking to confirm the request. This process may take up to 5 business days. 


What to do if you want to delete your personal Box account:

1. Sign into your account

2. Visit

3. Click 'Permanently Delete Your Account'

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.21.28 AM.png

4. Confirm account deletion by clicking 'OK' to complete the process.


If you are having trouble canceling your account, please email

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