Faculty and Staff Box Accounts After Leaving

Box accounts for faculty and staff are removed after separation from the university. It is important that faculty and staff use Box for university data so that personal data is not lost.

What faculty and staff need to know about Box when separating from UNH:

  • Faculty and staff do not retain access to their Box account after separation from UNH
  • If the faculty or staff member is also a prior student from 2014 or later, a new personal Box account may be created by request; please see Student Box Accounts After Graduation for more information
  • All stored data will be moved to a central Box group account called Data Preservation, administered by UNH Information Technology as part of the normal account de-provisioning process
  • All collaborations will stay in effect, allowing colleagues of the former employee to continue work uninterrupted
  • Access by the former employee will be removed from shared and owned content
  • Uncollaborated data will remain inaccessible and eventually be purged based on internal UNH data retention policies

What supervisors need to know:

  • Best practice suggests removing the former employee from collaborations on UNH-owned data, even with this process in place
  • Non-shared content will be moved to the above-mentioned Box account and remain non-shared
  • Access to non-shared data requires submission and approval of the password-restricted data form at accounts.unh.edu
  • Please see Box - Leaving UNH or Changing Departments for more information

Note: This does not apply to UNH Emeritus. Emeriti keep their Box accounts, and collaborations will need to be manually be removed from collaborating by the content owner.

See the UNH Knowledge Base article -- Box - Leaving UNH or Changing Departments


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