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With Box Drive's "Mark for Offline" feature, your Box cloud content is available wherever you are regardless of internet connectivity. Just select the Box folders you need access to, and Box Drive automatically downloads all of the folder contents to your computer. If you or someone else make changes to this content while you're offline, Box Drive automatically uploads the revised content when you are back online so you are always working with the most up-to-date versions of your files. 


Note: Your minimum version of Box Drive must be 2.0.  

To make content available offline: 

  1. Navigate to your Box folder in Explorer or Finder. 
  2. Right-click on the folder you want.  
    • Only folders to which you have download permission can be made available offline. Also, you cannot make individual files available offline.   
  3. In the context menu that displays, click Make Available Offline. 

  Make Available Offline WindowsMake Available Offline Mac


Box Drive immediately begins downloading the contents of this folder to your device. As files and folders download, they display with an orange Pending icon, meaning they are in the process of being downloaded. When items finish downloading they display with a green Available Offline icon. 

  Availability Icons

If you want to work on a file that is pending, simply open the file. Box Drive automatically moves that file to the front of the queue and downloads it immediately so you can work on the file right away without interruption. 

Note: You cannot make G Suite files (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides) available to work offline.  You also cannot make Box Notes available to work offline.  These are all online-only formats. 

Collaborating with another person?   

Box uploads changes as they're saved.  However, collaborators cannot see each other's revisions in real-time -- that is, not until after each of you have saved and exited the file and Box Drive syncs all changes.  This is true regardless of whether you are working while connected or offline, However, in this case the possibility exists for two collaborators to save conflicting changes on the same file.  By way of illustration: if you go back online first, Box uploads and saves your revised file as a new version. When your collaborator goes back online, Box uploads her revised file, but saves it as a separate version. If necessary, you both must then decide which revision to keep and which to discard. 

Make offline folders available only online again

The "available offline" menu item is a toggle. So just as you'd make a folder available offline, you can right-click on an offline folder and, in the context menu that displays, click Make Available Online Only.


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