Xtender 16.3: Tips and FAQs

Xtender 16.3 Quick Tips

These tips and frequently asked questions address the most common issues which have been reported, as well as questions that have come up during training.

  1. Make sure you are not using a bookmark to get to Xtender 16.3. Be sure to use an official link from the USNH Gateway page -- http://usnhgateway.org/
  2. Xtender 16.3 is a browser-based application. As such, sometimes things can happen with the browser itself. You may need to sign out of Xtender 16.3, clear the cache , and close the browser.
  3. Sometimes the scanner button is grayed out and unavailable to use. To activate it, click the Add Page button, and then cancel out of that dialog box. The scanner button should be available. For more information on scanning, refer to this KB article: Xtender 16.3: Scan a Document.

Xtender 16.3 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. When will the Xtender 16.3 production environment be open to everyone?

Xtender Finance/HR (BPRD) is live as of March 25, 2019

Xtender Student (PROD/SLLP) was live on August 17, 2019

PSU Student (PSC1) went live on September 17, 2019

KSC Student (XPRD) was upgraded November 1, 2019

Q2. What browsers work with Xtender 16.3?

Any modern browsers—this includes Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Q3. Is Xtender 16.3 Mac compatible?


Q4. How do I get to Xtender 16.3?

The link is available on the USNH Gateway page -- http://usnhgateway.org/ .

Q5. What is my Xtender 16.3 password?

Your Xtender 16.3 password is the same as your Xtender 7 password.

Q6. How do I change my Xtender 16.3 password?

Until Xtender 16.3 is using single sign-on (SSO), you will need to change your password within Xtender. It is not synchronized to your Banner 9 or any other password. Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for those steps: Xtender 16.3: Manually Change your Password

SSO is not yet available. Once SSO is in place, your Xtender 16.3 password will be the same as your Banner 9/USNH/WISE password. At that point, you no longer need to update your Xtender 16.3 password separately.

Q7. Do I need to be logged into the VPN to use Xtender 16.3?


Q8. Will the functionality in Xtender 16.3 be the same as in Xtender 7?


Q9. How do I request help on Xtender 16.3?

Either contact the UNH IT Service Desk at 862-4242 or open a ticket for the Document Management Group through the Team Dynamix support request page: Document Management support request page

Q10. Do I need the web components? Do I need Captiva Cloud?

The web components are not needed for Xtender 16.3, although it isn't necessary to delete them from your computer unless you want to. Captiva Cloud is used for scanning, so it only needs to be installed on the computer if you scan from it. Nothing else needs to be installed on your computer to run Xtender 16.3.


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