Box Drive - Missing Files & Error Messages

Missing Files - File/ Folder Names matter:

  • Files and folders with the same name will not appear in Box Drive
  • User will only see the folder they own in Box Drive. They can still see both items in a Browser at or
    • Name the folder/file something unique and identifiable
  • Special characters
    • Box Drive will throw errors if you use these characters in Folders/File names: / ? < > \ : * | . " (Forward slash, question mark, greater than/less than, back slash, colon, asterisk, pipe, period, quotes)
    • These will affect the folder/file showing up in Box Drive
    • Do not use Spaces at the beginning or end of the Folder/File name.

Error Messages at Boot

Unsupported File types will not save to Box through Box Drive. Unsupported Special Characters in file names will not be viewable in Box Drive

To view these errors open the Box Drive app

  • Finder Bar/Menu Bar for a Mac
  • Task Bar for Windows
  1. Go to the Cog Wheel in the upper left corner of the application

Box Drive App Cog wheel location image - Cog Wheel is located in the upper left of the Box Drive Application

  1. Select Error updating (number) of files from drop down menu
  2. Box Drive will provide the reason why the file failed to upload from machine to Box
  3. Change the file name at or

Box Drive Not Opening

Do not use Box Drive with Box Sync. Make sure Box Sync is fully removed. See Box Sync Removal Instructions

Box Drive missing or getting the error message location is not available?

Location is Not Available C:\Users\username\Box refers to a location that is unavailable

Try to open Box Drive first

  1. Go to start or search bar enter in Box Drive, open Box Drive
  2. Box Drive should reopen

If Box drive does not reopen

  1. Go to start or search bar -- enter in Box Drive
  2. If Box drive does not appear in the list as an installed application, it may need to be reinstalled
  3. Go to Control Panel
  4. Program Features -- uninstall a program
  5. Locate Box Drive -- if it is in the list > clear your credential manager saved credentials
  6. In the control panel- go to the search and type in credential
  7. Select Manage Window Credentials

Credential Manager for Windows

  1. Remove all references to Box
  2. Close Credential manager
  3. Go to start/search bar
  4. Enter in Box
  5. Open Box Application
  6. A log in screen will open
    • Enter Email Address
    • DO NOT enter Password if option is available
    • Click Log In

Box Drive Login Screen

  1. At the University of New Hampshire branded log in page enter
  • Username only if Faculty/Staff -- If Student enter full wildcats email address
  • Enter Password

UNH Branded Box Drive Login Page

  1. Box Drive will now connect, this may take a few seconds
    • A reboot may be required
  2. Open Box files by going to your Windows File Browser

Mac Instructions:

  1. Go to magnifier in upper right corner
  2. Enter Box
  3. Box Drive should auto connect
  4. If it does not
    1. Open magnifier again
      • Enter Keychain
      • Once in the keychain
      • Remove any reference to Box
    2. Try magnifier again
    3. Enter Box
    4. Follow Windows Login instructions above



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