Box Drive - Known Limitations

Box Drive - Known limitations:

  • Do not run Sync and Box Drive at the same time
  • Box Drive does not support offline access currently
  • Issues with Apple Keynote Presentation software - open and work with these files from Box@UNH
  • Some delay when opening large files or folder
  • Search function within Windows Explorer and Mac Finder does not work - Box Search, instructions below
  • Box Drive will not open for a second user on the same computer
  • File thumbnails will not show up for files that have not been opened
  • Finder’s Quick Look for Mac will not work for files that have not been previously opened
  • Box Drive does not support Adobe Bridge
  • Opening multiple PDF files from Box Drive may result in an error
  • Additional limitations can be found here - Box Community
  • Known Mac issues are covered in this article - Mac Issues from Box Community
  • Known Windows issues can be found in this article - Windows Issues from Box Community


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